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What is FIDO?

In U.S. it´s very common for the participants of a sale transaction to use an Escrow to protect themselves, since the money is guarded by a third party.

In Mexico we bring the model and now you can protect your purchase on products, services, furniture, vehicles, real estate or companies.

/ es-crow / English term that refers to the custody of money while specific conditions are met.

The first Digital Escrow in Mexico


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Use Cases

Pepe wants to buy a house but is not confident about giving advances.

Laura sells real estate and wants to secure her commissions.

FIDO protects Pepe's money and ensures the payment of Laura's commissions


We use digital contracts

To expedite all the procedures of our clients, we use digital contracts signed with FIEL (Advanced Electronic Signature) with which, in addition to making the process online, it allows us to grant greater certainty in the operations we protect.

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